Bringing fun back into people’s lives while adding value to them…




B100 is an exciting mobile application that guarantees a winner while at the same time offering players a chance to redirect their airtime budget to other necessities. It’s fast, it’s cheap, it’s easy to use – and the no internet connections are required, so it can be played on any device. When a player is 100th in line after logging on and receiving relevant notifications, airtime is immediately loaded onto the player’s ‘phone. Smart strategists play in a group of friends or family, so winning is guaranteed. The game is growing in popularity wherever it has been launched, with targets being exceeded regularly!




Excitement, laughter and the thrill of winning….that’s what the live TV Mega Promo Game Show brings to mobile users. For a small cost, players can win incredible prizes once a week when the show airs on a popular TV network. The response has been beyond anything Mobi-Apps predicted. It has been launched in Africa, but the global enquiries are ensuring exposure world-wide! The Mega promo Game Show is set to become a household favourite wherever it broadcasts.