Bringing fun back into people’s lives while adding value to them…


Our in-house development team provides an innovative solution, giving the end user or SMME access to the MNO global community – this allows the client to push through their application.

We strive to be aware of new trends, with our development team constantly ensuring that we not only follow these trends, but that we are setting new ones. them.

Our turnkey solutions attract all levels of business, from SMMEs to corporate clients. Our focus industries are predominantly on MNOs and VAS. We pride ourselves on the relationships we build with our country partners globally.

Mobi-Apps does not just develop apps – our philosophy is built on the betterment and enrichment of our mobile users’ lives.

Mobi-Apps has therefore stream-lined all services, keeping the focus on the most important element……

YOU the end user. ussd-menu

Some of our Solutions already enriching lives across the Globe.

  • B100 – All you have to be is number 100, Winners every 5 seconds 24/7 globally.
  • Mega Promo – Register and get called and WIN!! Winners weekly live on national TV.
  • Job Connect – ensuring that everyone can find a job.