Bringing fun back into people’s lives while adding value to them…


Mobi-Apps Telecoms is a Mobile application development company focusing on conceptualising and building innovative mobile applications for the mass market. Our platforms are designed to keep subscribers entertained while receiving real value through our distribution channels.

Mobi-Apps Telecoms has partnered with Mobile network operators and various aggregators to deliver services to our markets. Our main focus is to understand our markets through analysis, profiling and behavioural segmentation. This process allows us to offer relevant applications to the relevant target.

Mobi-Apps Telecoms’ philosophy is always about relevance and long-term value to subscribers. In an ever-evolving and noisy world, the survival of any company in our industry is founded on these two elements.

Welcome to the world of Mobi-Apps Telecoms and discover innovation, simplicity and relevance.

Mobi-Apps Telecom is a fast-growing USSD application and mobile game developer that is focused on creating and bringing fun, high-quality mobile games to feature phones.  The company was founded in 2010 by a group of industry veterans, committed to an environment free of office politics in the belief that in the apps and games industry, it should be fun to come to work and rewarding to be a part of a great team.

Mobi-Apps has a pipeline of applications and games in development internally. We work with highly talented mobile application developers from around the world in order to become a major publisher bring the best quality applications and games to mobile users. Our aim is to reach and entertain the massive global audience of mobile gamers.

Mobi-Apps publishes and builds applications across a number of industries including finance, health, insurance and gaming.

Mobi-Apps Telecom’s head office is based in Dubai, with subsidiaries in Nigeria, Kenya, Mozambique, DRC, Haiti, Malawi, the Seychelles and South Africa. Our products will soon be introduced to the game playing masses in South America, the US, China and India.

To Mobi-Apps, security is paramount. The nature of our business necessitates the gathering of mobile device information, and our IT specialists guarantee that no information is either hacked or leaked. Players and mobile operators alike can be assured that our security systems and strategies can be fully trusted.